Monday, September 29, 2008

Back to the Grind

So, my folks are home; my mom left her glasses in the hotel but I picked them up after work. We had a nice last day together: went over to Whidbey to show them the coffeeshop and meet Rene, had lunch at Ivar's, then drove to Snohomish to look at antiques. Fortunately there was a classic car show going on too, so my dad went crazy with the camera. If there's two things he loves, it's new technology and old cars. Then we drove back and had dinner at the Korean restaurant by my work, then back to the apartment and said goodbye.

I was extra bitter about returning to work this morning after my time off. My favorite Whole Foods checker barely acknowledged me: he must have forgotten about me in my absence. Since the bus gets me in about 25 minutes earlier than I need to be, I kill time in Whole Foods pretty much every day before work. I usually buy fruit for lunch; since I'm picky about what I eat, I like picking out the perfect piece of fruit every morning. Crunchy fruits are my favorite: there is nothing worse than a mushy, squishy piece of fruit. Peaches and Nectarines are great, but if you buy them ahead of time they too soft by the next day. Apples stay crunchy for a long time, so those I buy in bulk. I'm probably a little too excited that it's apple season.

Saturday, September 27, 2008


I guess I should write an update; the past few weeks have been busy. Last weekend, we went to the island to celebrate David's Dad's 50th birthday. It was a huge event, with family members coming in from all over Washington and even Idaho. David's grandpa had some crazy stories. Mollye organized a great party. Fun was had by all. On Monday, I had my first of 5 monoprinting classes. All we really did was experiment with paper and the press, but it was really fun. My parents got into town on Wednesday, and I spent all of Tuesday preparing for them. We've pretty much just been hanging out since their arrivial- I took Thursday and Friday off of work. We went to the SAM, went to the Market, rode the monorail, shopped a little at Nordstrom Rack, went to QFC so that I can prove to my mom that I have somewhere nearby to buy groceries and am not living off of potato peels like her sister supposedly did once, watched the debates, had dinner with my cousin, went to a few bars since my parents are drinking again, rented a car and drove to Tacoma and saw the Museum of Glass, spent about 10 minutes in the Museum of Flight before it closed (it was Smithsonian Free Museum Day so both were free), ate a bunch of food, walked a bunch. I've even managed to fit in some studying and applied for a few jobs. For some reason I am exhausted so I'm going to go to bed now.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


I didn't get the job, so I'm kinda bummed, but I did have the opportunity to speak with Carol yesterday about my slooow workload when literally everyone else in the office was in a meeting at a client's. Today, I followed up by asking (in an email) if I could work a little less, 32-35 hours a week. She forwarded it to Dave. He told me to ask someone in HR. I haven't heard back from them. I did find out from HR though that my insurance will cover most of my claim, but I am still stuck with a pretty hefty bill, so that has me a feeling little down.

In good news, the shoes I ordered a few weeks ago arrived today for the second time; the first size was too small, but these are just right. I splurged to buy an eco-friendly pair of shoes, and they are worth the money and the wait. I love them! The outside is hemp, with a piece of bamboo inserted to elevate the heel slightly, and the button closing the strap is made of coconut shell. They have a bumpy, cushy foot pad and are lined with a soft felt. With winter coming, they will be perfect with a warm pair of wool socks, and their rubber sole should be great in the Seattle rain. Since no aspect of consumerism is actually good for the environment, these at least do relatively little damage.

We went to dinner with Lindsey and Steven last night, then saw "Hamlet 2." Both the movie and the food were not very good. I like Lindsey and Steven, but trying to force friendship is a little awkward.

I walked home this evening, talked to David for a bit, made a
Moroccan-influenced stew for dinner, did laundry, and am about to go to the gym. Then to bed. I had wanted to do some arts but there isn't time. Sigh.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


So, I had my interview at 12:30 today, and I think it went really well. In a weird stroke of luck, my bosses had a conference call on interviewing in the room behind my desk right before I left for it; the meeting covered what answers to look for from prospective employees. The office is in a great location- an extra short bus ride from my current job but otherwise nothing much would change as far as my commute. The man who interviewed me, my would-be boss, was a nice, middle-aged, gay guy who looked like George Carlin; I only mention that he was gay because he asked me whether or not I would have a problem working for a gay man. The position seems like a great fit to my interests- a lot of writing and marketing- and is only 3 days a week, which would mean I could look for an internship or another part-time job and have time for crafts too. Money would be tight, but with a second job I could manage. He asked for my references and a few samples of my work; I had the references on me, and emailed a thank-you with the samples when I got home. Fingers crossed!

Monday, September 15, 2008


I applied for a job yesterday, and someone from the company called me this morning. I had a phone interview with my potential future boss, and am going in for an in-person interview tomorrow at 12:30. I really hope this works out.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Saturday night and all day Sunday

David and I hung out for a bit after Dan and Mollye left. Actually, we took a nap almost immediately after, then we hung out a bit. We went to the store, and I made a German chocolate cake. Trivia: German chocolate cake has nothing to do with Germany. It is named after a specific brand of baking chocolate, called German's, and are actually more typical of Southern US cuisine, as evidenced by the pecans in the frosting. Not to boast, but this may be the best thing that I or anyone else in the history of time has ever baked. Ok, that's probably not true, but I'm pretty proud of it since I whipped it up from scratch following Betty Crocker's sage guidance. Anyhow, the reason I made said cake was that David's buddy Willy shipped off to the Marines today and was in town to celebrate his last night as a free man. Willy and his friend Christina came over around 10 and we had a few drinks. Here's Willy with the Cake:
Now on to Sunday. David and I lounged around in bed for a bit; I ate oatmeal and studied flashcards while he played a game on his computer. Then I made some scrambled eggs/tofu. Then I went to the farmer's market and the gym. Boring. Then the good stuff began: we hopped on the bus to go to Gas Works Park. More trivia: the Gas Works used to be a gas factory and employed most of the surrounding area. Then they closed and the city turned them into a park. Anyhow, we got off the bus in Fremont. The below gallery is one of the folk art galleries Rene was talking about when she visited last week:
We got off the bus a little earlier than we needed to, but we walked by something I've been wanting to see for a while: the Fremont Troll!
Awesome. The VW bug he is holding in his left hand is an actual VW bug. Some little kid kicked it and proved it. We walked a bit and came to the park, where we took in scenic views of the Seattle skyline across Lake Union. David read a book and I studied vocab. Here's David in front of the Gas works.
It's sad to think that this is one of the last nice weekends we're might have, and I'm glad we got out to enjoy it.

Now David is watching "The View" and we're about to go to bed.

Saturday, September 13, 2008


Dan, Mollye and the kids came over this afternoon. We tried to childproof the house but didn't do a great job; I don't think enough like a baby (or a mom) to realize what is considered a chew-toy in the eyes of a 9-month-old: everything.

Willy was offered a huge bonus to ship off to the Marine's a month early, so he's coming over to Seattle to celebrate his last night as a civilian. I'm going to bake a cake.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Week in review:

Monday- Work sucked. Went to spinning class.

Tuesday- Work sucked. Went to conditioning class.

Wednesday- Work sucked. Was actually asked to wash people's dirty dishes. Tried to make homemade veggie burgers at home: epic fail. They do make good Schloppy Joe's though. [They're called Schloppy Joe's because when you use a fake meat or dairy product you have to give it a name that sounds like what you're replacing but is a little different. Like "chreez" or "tofurky." I could call them "Sloppy Faux's" too. That works.]

Thursday- Work sucked. Went to sushi at the restaurant around the corner: loved it! Saw "Man on Wire," a movie about the man who tightrope-walked across the World Trade Centers. It was eerie to be watching it on September 11, but that was completely incidental: we decided to go see it before we remembered what day it was. The film was ok.

Friday- Work was ok. Just kidding: it sucked. Talked online to my cousin Jeni, who I hadn't had any sort of communication with since our grandmother's funeral 9 years ago. We mainly reminisced about how awesome our grandmother was.

The weekend should redeem the week.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Good Day

I had a very good day today. I was consistently busy at work, and even learned something new in Photoshop. The brochures I've been waiting for came in, so I was able to finally get a marketing mailing out. The shoes I ordered last week also arrived, and even though I had to send them back because they were too small, they are really cute and comfy, so I am really excited for the right size to come in. After work, I got my hair cut downtown. I really like what the stylist did to it, although it's the shortest it's been since I've had hair (I was bald until my first birthday,which combined with my ears sticking out was not pretty, so once it started to grow my parents just let it grow). I just made a really good soup, and even though it's really hot in the apartment and I'm pretty full I'm going to eat all of it. It's soup, it's healthy.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Cat Lady

This lady from the Denver office called today for Dave but we got to talking. I asked her how her day was going, and she said that it wasn't going so well. I said I was sorry to hear that. She said it was because her 16-year-old cat died. I said that I was sorry to hear that. She said that actually, her cat died a year ago, but it just hit her today. I said "let me transfer you to Dave."