Friday, October 16, 2009


I suppose sporadic posting has become a reality instead of a passing trend.

I started my 3rd quarter a couple of weeks ago, and so far my classes are interesting. One is a required research class with all the new students (65 of us) and the other is a web interactivity class which I have high hopes for. I've even made a friend or two, people I met over the summer but now talk more with and actually hang out with outside of class, which has been nice. What's different about this quarter than previous quarters is that I felt overwhelmed immediately after the first class. My first quarter, I wasn't working for the first few weeks, so I wasn't really busy until halfway through the term. My second quarter, I only really had big assignments due at the end. This time, I was hit with a massive paper two weeks in. Factor in a 4-day trip to North Carolina for a wedding that didn't actually happen and a project at work, and you've got a slight raise in blood pressure. The apartment is a mess, I've only written a few beer posts since I've been back, and my willingness to do anything other than heat frozen dinners has decreased. But I'm having a good time.

So, yeah.