Monday, March 30, 2009


There is nothing like someone else's blood to get your day off to a rotten start. I was sitting on the bench at the bus stop this morning when I noticed a very bloody tissue several feet in front of me. Then I noticed another. And another. There was a trail of blood leading from the tissue to the bench, so I lifted my bag and noticed smears of reddish brown on the paint. I stood up and noticed the same smears of reddish brown under where I had been sitting. It was dry, but blood in general really freaks me out; AIDS dies once it's been outside the body for 12 minutes, but hepatitis is very resiliant. I knew that there wasn't any blood on me or my bag since it wasn't wet, but I couldn't bear the thought of having sat on someone's nosebleed so I went home and changed my pants and switched tote bags. I was a little late to work (took a new route) but it was worth it to feel cleaner.

The good thing about sitting on blood is that nothing else you do all day really can be any worse. In fact, my day was pretty good: we're 100 prizes over where we need to be for Taste Washington, and I feel proud of my contribution to this. I had an eye appointment after work (no change in my vision) and also wrote a new post on my beer blog.

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