Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Taste WA, etc.

I'm still recovering from the weekend. Not in a hungover way, though I was probably around more alcohol than I have seen in my life. Sunday was Taste Washington, and even though it's just a 6 hour event, I put in more than 15 hours on Sunday alone making it happen. We set up all day Friday, then checked in the restaurants, wineries and exhibitors on Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning. Sunday was intense, but really fun. Doors opened at 2, and I even got to enjoy the event a little; I couldn't really drink since I was working or eat most of the food since it was mainly meat-based (WA Beef was a big sponsor) but I cheated and ate stuff that I knew had eggs or dairy and even sampled a couple of beers. The only crappy part was manning the gift bag table when the event closed at 8, since we ran out of freebies and people were pretty drunk by then. I didn't see it for myself, but the men's bathroom had turned into a vomitorium by the end of the night. Tear-down was the fun part; WA has a law that open containers can't be left after an event, so we collected any bottles that had more than an inch of liquid left over, but since I wasn't driving I also did a bit of sampling at this point. It helped make the clean-up a little more fun. I also picked up a bunch of corks that I am going to turn into a memo board for the kitchen in our new place.

So now my internship is over and I am just a student. Classes are going well so far. I am really interested in the material and excited to learn more. I have my second Podcasting class tonight; by the end of the course we will have learned how to pitch business ideas to companies and also will have produced our own group and individual podcasts. The Thursday night "Social Production" class also seems interesting; it's about applying social media to businesses as well, though this focuses more on social networking. The professor is the director of the program, which is essentially why I signed up for it, though I also expect to learn a lot.

It's really too nice of a day to sit on the couch in front of the computer, so I am going to take my books to the park. I've had it sitting on my lap all morning and my legs are starting to sweat. I wrote a beer blurb this morning if you want to check it out.

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