Monday, August 18, 2008


The Pitlick quotient of Seattle increased by 33% this past weekend: my brother paid me a visit. He got in around noon, and we narrowly missed the #43 bus up the Hill. He'd been on the ferry from Alaska for three days followed by a long ride from Bellingham (fortunately, he arrived with his head still attached to his neck), so even though he had a suitcase we walked home to stretch out his legs. He met David and the Cobra, and we (minus the Cobra) headed out for fine German food and a beer at Feierabend. Say it with me: FEIERABEND! The night sorta went downhill from there. Not literally dowhill: we had to go up the hill to get back home, but there were a few more bars and a few more beers in there along the way and memories get a little fuzzy.

The next morning, we peeled ourselves out of bed, rehydrated, and headed downtown. I gave Carl a tornado Seattle tour: Pike Place Market, Pioneer Square, and the Waterfront, then David joined us for the long walk to the Olympic Sculpture Park and Hempfest. Disclaimer: we only went to Hempfest to show my brother an authentic Seattle experience, and were sorely disappointed with what we got. I was hoping for booths with products made from hemp, which is a very sustainable and misunderstood material, and maybe some hemp education but it was just full of dirty smelly hippies and underage stoner kids looking to legalize pot. So, we headed to Value Village to get old lady dresses for Chris' Golden Girls party and introduced Carl to Korean food for dinner. We watched Dr. Horrible when we got back, and headed over to Chris' around 9. David made a very attractive older woman. It was a fun evening.

In the morning, we crossed enemy lines for brunch at Julia's (home of the noisy Friday and Saturday night drag show) and played a boardgame, then hit up the Mexican smorgasborg down the street for some all-you-can-eat beans and rice goodness. We had to hightail it to the bus to take Carl to the airport, but we made it with plenty of time to spare, since his plane was delayed. We met my mom at the airport; she had spent the past couple of days at a friend's house up in Bellingham after taking the ferry with my brother. We sat at a cafe and munched on a fruit/cheese plate then said our goodbyes.

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