Thursday, August 14, 2008


Another long day, but it will be worth it to leave at noon tomorrow. We went bowling with Chris, Kristin, and Chris' friend Chadwick from work tonight. Oh yeah, we also had dinner at a vegetarian-friendly restaurant on Broadway: delightful. Anyhow, bowling. I love bowling. I used to be a decent bowler back when my mom and I bowled in a league together. Yeah, I wasn't very popular in high school. But, the mighty have fallen and I didn't even break 100 the second round. David, on the other hand, is an excellent bowler: he won both games. I am very impressed. While sitting and waiting for my turn, I was a little distracted by the Olympics (women's gymnastics, my favorite event) playing on the TV next to the monitor with the scores, but the Summer Olympics only comes once every 4 years, so it's ok.

My brother gets in around 5 tomorrow and I'm excited.

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Mollye said...

His brother came with two of his own bowling balls, shoes, and other accessories. He was pretty good too. I think they used to bowl a lot when they were teenagers.