Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Pie and Pictures

I didn't do a lot at work today. I actually wrote the bulk of this post there and emailed it to myself because blogging at work is not allowed. Literally: the server bans a lot of stuff. Gmail, myspace, youtube... I haven't even tried facebook because I know it won't work.

Yesterday, I took pictures to inventory the furniture and artwork in the first two floors of a midrise apartment building that my firm is renovating; I guess they're going to try to reuse of this stuff as much as possible. Today, they sent me back to capture floors 3-18. 3-16 were pretty much the same thing: two pictures, a table, and a mirror right by the elevators, with the rest of the floor devoid of decoration, but the top two were pretty lavish: pictures on every wall. It was pretty easy work. I took pictures of the view from the stairwell at every floor. Here are a couple of examples.
I had hoped that the juxtoposition of all the floors would look like the camera was panning up, but it doesn't. Next time I will pick a fixed point on the window ledge for every floor.

Carol's daughter picked blackberries this morning, baked them into a pie, and delivered it to the office; it was still warm when she arrived around 3. It was good pie, and I know a thing or two about good pie. I come from a pie family on both sides: my dad bakes apricot pie with the apricots from the tree in our yard every summer; his mom used to smother any leftover crust with cinnamon and sugar and bake it like a cookie, and he now does that too. My mom's mom made a really great lemon meringue. She cooked for a living, and I have never met a flakier crust than hers. Grandma rolls over in her grave a little bit every time I use store-bought crust. I'm sorry, Grandma!

I've been studying for the GRE at lunch and need to start studying at home too: an hour a day on weekdays, two hours on weekends. I'm taking it at the beginning of October and have a lot to review. It's the same stuff as the SAT, and I did pretty well on that, but it's been years since I've had to think about any of those things. Mean, median, mode? Sines and cosines? Words with crazy Latin roots? I really need to buckle down; since apparently a BA is a recommended prerequisite to change lightbulbs (which I did today), I figure that grad school is my ticket to something better.

Yep, boring day.

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