Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Today I did a bunch of reorganization. First, I went through a box of stuff that the Interiors department used to stage a beautiful Capitol Hill Mansion a few years back. We're going to use this junk as gag gifts at an upcoming Employee Event. The box contained: a silver tea set, 4 wooden finials (I had to ask on that one), plates, different plates, chipped porcelain bowls, a fountain pen, a seltzer spritzer, four fake apples, two fake chocolate-dipped strawberries, one fake piece of cake and a fake cookie, a chenille throw, a bunch of vintage postcards, a set of World's Best Short Stories, and a pair of binoculars. I used the binoculars to watch people up in the Space Needle for a little bit.

Once that task was completed, I started to organize the Office Manager's desk. Daunting. We talked about music for a little bit; we have pretty similar taste. Lunch in the park. More desktop reorganization (does this guy ever throw anything away? nope). Then we had a meeting because one of the girls is moving to Portland. Then, I started to enter the information from her Rolodex into a spreadsheet. I got through A and B before calling it a day; I have until Friday to finish up C-Z.

After work, I went to the bank. On the way, I saw/smelled a man smoking the reefer at a bus stop, and watched a homeless guy ask a Duck Boat of tourists for change at a red light.

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