Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Good news everybody: David found a subletter! Two actually; a couple. As it turns out, they both already live in the building. This situation works out well for everyone: David gets more rent, Dan pays less in utilities, and the couple doesn't have to pay all the fees of moving.

More good news: we may have a place in Seattle. One of David's friends is going to check it out tomorrow, and put a down payment on it if it's nice.

Cait's potluck was fun. Once everyone stopped asking me what I was doing there, it was a good time. The food was tasty, and it was nice to see people again. They may have found a replacement for my position. The girl sounds a lot like me; if she confirms, they're going to have me come in next week to help train her, so I'll get to meet her. And this will mean a bit of extra cash: sweet! I got some coffee with Somaly after I left; she had been in meetings all day but was able to get out of the office for a bit. We're going to do dinner next week.

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