Tuesday, May 6, 2008


I'm feeling a lot better, though still not quite 100%. Maybe 75%. I made it off the couch though and managed to get some packing done. The Staples near my house had their grand opening today, and I used this to my advantage to get a discount on packing supplies: tape and bubble wrap, plus a nifty organizer for important documents. Plus, if I'm one of the first 100 people in the store tomorrow I can get a free stapler. One thing I'm worried about is boxes; I've run out of the ones I snagged from work and am going to need to rely on the kindness of Trader Joe's and CVS (Trader Joe's: you owe me for the food poisoning thing. I know it was you.)

David and I worked on our resumes this evening. His looks great; mine: not so much. He's helping me with the formatting. I emailed myself a few jobs from Craigslist and hope to start applying soon. One snag in our plans: we've lost our apartment. I guess as it turns out it was never officially ours to begin with, but we thought it was. I'm not too worried; David's friends have promised to take a look at apartments we find on Craigslist, and this means that we can find a place for just us and The Cobra.

Unemployment has been sweet so far. I'm sure my attitude will change once I've been jobless for a few weeks, but for now it's nice to have time to do my own thing, and a chance to do the creative stuff I haven't had (made?) time for. It's a whole different world in the daytime. The crowd at the supermarket this morning was entirely mothers and small children or elderly folks instead of students and professionals. I can get a seat on the T. No line at the Post Office. Now all I need is a pair of these:

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