Sunday, May 11, 2008

New Location

The first stage of the move is done. I'm out of my apartment and sleeping on David's floor. Kidding. We moved all my stuff over to his place on Friday night. It was a very sneaky midnight stealth operation; David booked a Zipcar for 11:30 at night to save money and avoid traffic. I figured that both of my roommates would be out for the evening, so I was surprised when I went back to the apartment at 10:45 to find the unpleasant roommate at home and asleep. So as not to wake her and face her wrath (or a scathing email), I removed my shoes and brought all the boxes to the hall in my socks. I then put the shoes back on and brought the boxes down to the landing. David came over, and we took them to the car. He took the car back to his place, and he and his roommate unloaded it and carried the boxes upstairs. It took 2 and a half hours, three trips in the car, and countless treks up and down three flights of stairs, but it got done.

Yesterday, I returned around 2 to finish cleaning. Maryne, my subletter, was supposed to arrive between 4 and 5, and finally got in around 5:15. I gave her a short tour and the keys, and headed off.

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