Monday, May 26, 2008


We just got back from dinner at Dan and Erik's. They think I'm a vegan, so Dan made an animal product-free spread of bean salad, butternut squash, and a mushroom-spinach bake, with apple dumplings for dessert; it was all quite tasty and really filling. Afterwards, we played Trivial Pursuit and totally kicked their butts. David and I are both good at the game, and teamed up we were unstoppable. The gave us a piece of art that Dan made by making an impression of keys on a piece of paper with baking soda, then scorching it with a lighter. It's very zen. I want to try this with my stamps when I get to Seattle. Erik is coming to our party, but Dan can't make it, so I'm not sure if I'll see him again. I'm sad- I really like Erik and Dan.

This upcoming week is going to be intense. Tomorrow, we hope to ship most of our boxes. Wednesday, we need to paint David's room and the living room white. We also need to get rid of furniture; we've been posting on Craigslist, and have been getting some response, but not as good as we hoped. Laundry. Cleaning. If I have time, I'll get a haircut and buy a piƱata for our party (to fill with little plastic bottles: it's a dream of mine). I'd now also like to experiment with baking soda art. That's last on the list.

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