Monday, May 26, 2008


This was our last weekend on the East Coast, and David and I spent it in New York. His group threw a going-away party for Lucy, who is also moving back to Washington for the summer before leaving for a semester in Italy, and I wanted to see Tanya and Alex one last time before moving; since Alex is from Seattle I will hopefully see them again soon.

David had his last final on Friday afternoon, so we headed down on Saturday. Before we left, we did a shipping test run at the Post Office, which taught us that we will not be able to do the entire move using the T for transportation. We hopped on the 3:30 Fung Wah bus, which got us in to Chinatown around 7:30; it was the most efficient bus ride I've been on so far, probably because there was little traffic (and the driver sped). We made it to Williamsburg about an hour after that, changed out of our dirty bus clothes, and hung out with Chad and Katie before heading over to Alison and Lucy's.

The party was fun; I'd met most of them before, so I had people to talk to and wasn't just standing around awkwardly. A couple of beers and some sangria helped too. Their apartment is nice; a little cozy but not rundown or anything. Turns out we passed right by it on the bus. The building has rooftop access, which has a wonderful view of the Manhattan skyline (and a neighbor's shower), so we spent some time up there, which let everyone hang out together. Usually the smokers go outside to smoke and the party gets split into two groups, but when you're outdoors already, this isn't a factor. All in all, a good time. Again, good practice in talking to new people.

We slept until around 11, and were going to head out to the Museum of Natural History, but someone called to see if we wanted to do brunch at noon at a local bar. We did. Since it was only a 5 minute walk away, we watched the much discussed Risk documentary. One word: awesome. Brunch was fun; for $11, they gave you coffee or tea, a beverage, and food.

We didn't make it to the museum until around 3; Alex and Tanya met us there, which was a little tricky to coordinate because I didn't get great reception inside. Some of David's friends went with us, though we split off from them to find mine. My favorite part of the museum was the room with all the stuffed animals. Below are some pictures.

After the museum, we had a mission: Jamba Juice- very refreshing after all that walking on a hot day. I can't remember the last time I enjoyed one. We went back to Alex and Tanya's apartment in Brooklyn. The last of her roommates moved out earlier in the day, so it was just us and them. We hung out for a bit before getting dinner at a nearby Mexican restaurant. When finished eating, we watched "I am Legend"- good, not great. It would have been scarier if the zombies weren't so obviously computer animated. I'm going to miss them, but there's a slight possibility that they'll end up in Seattle when Tanya's job ends in August, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

We got an early start this morning around 8. We got some bagels and hopped on the 10 am bus to Boston. I slept most of the way.

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