Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Big Day

Big day on the moving front: I mailed off about 25 boxes, with maybe another 10 small ones to go. David rented a truck from Zipcar, and we carted everything over to the Brighton Post Office. I like that one a lot more than the Coolidge Corner branch: the people are friendlier, and they have a loading dock. Plus, a really cheerful woman named Lucy did most of the work for me; she made the experience fairly pleasant. I think I'll write them to let them know how much I enjoyed her help. The only problem was that the machine will only process payments $50 at a time, and my bank didn't like this. Something about multiple $50 payments at the same place in a short period of time raised a red flag. Fortunately, all it took was a call to straighten this out, and Lucy was back to work. We were out of there in about an hour. We're going to go back on Thursday so that David can mail his stuff and I can ship the rest of mine.

I had a phone interview at 6 PM with an architecture firm in Seattle. It's a small office, though they have many branches throughout the country, mostly in Montana. I was really nervous, but had spent the previous few hours researching and preparing. I think it went well, because the woman told me to give her a call next week to set up a time to come in. Sweet.

Tomorrow we must whitewash the walls. Painting party!

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