Friday, May 23, 2008


I think I finally have health insurance taken care of... finally. Now, I understand the importance of health insurance; you can never plan for an accident, and if I just break an arm without insurance I will be shelling out thousands of dollars that I can't afford. My view is that for a couple of months, emergency coverage will be sufficient (knock on wood). However, my parents view this differently. My mom rejected one plan because it only permitted three doctor's visits a year, another because it didn't have maternity coverage. Maternity coverage?! (knock on wood again). However, they both work in medicine, so I should listen to them. And they're my parents, so I should listen to them.

In addition, I think we have a place to live! It's a loft in Capitol Hill right by Broadway. Chris checked it out this afternoon and said that it's sweet. Awesome: another thing to not worry about. Now I all need to concentrate on is shipping all my stuff. And getting a job, but I'll start that search once I get to Washington. We can't move in until June 15, so I will have another 15 days to adjust. I might go visit my brother or my folks- looking into airfare.

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