Thursday, May 22, 2008

Fake Meat, Real Life

I hung out with Mary yesterday for the first time in a while; I haven't seen her since December, now that I think about it, and it was good to see her again. We saw the noon showing of "Baby Mama" at Circle Cinemas (convenient for me, not so convenient for her), which was much better than either of us were expecting. It was actually pretty good! Both female leads were really funny, and Steve Martin was hilarious in his small role; I didn't even know he was in it, and he had the best lines in the whole feature. The entire movie was a pleasant surprise. Two very enthusiastic thumbs up.

After the movie, we went to My Thai, a fake meat vegan restaurant in my old neighborhood. Mary is a vegan and really likes the place, though I'm not a huge fan of fake meat. I just don't like eating food that needs quotation marks to describe it: it's not meat, but what is it? Anyhow, the fresh "shrimp" and "chicken" spring rolls with peanut sauce that we ordered as an appetizer were delicious, and Mary's mango "duck" looked really good too. My tofu and vegetables were a little too greasy for my taste, but at least the dish wasn't pretending to be something that it's not so I stand by my choice.

David rented a Zipcar this afternoon, and we dropped off 4 garbage bags of clothes and shoes, 2 grocery bags of books, his army duffel bag filled with old uniforms, my laundry hamper (empty), and 3 boxes of other random stuff at Goodwill. Driving in Boston is terrible- it took us an hour to do something that should have taken 20 minutes. I started feeling kinda ill as we were driving there (I blame the fake meat) so I took a nap when we got back.

I heard from a woman at one of the jobs I applied for; she's interested in meeting with me when I get to Seattle. I'm really excited about the job: a receptionist position at a vegetarian food manufacturer. Ok, I'm not excited about possibly being a receptionist, but it sounds like a great environment for me. As long as they don't make fake meat.

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