Sunday, May 24, 2009

It's academic

I've been editing audio all day for my podcasting class; one project is a personal one on food and beer, and one is a group one on Seattle tourism. Here's my part of it:

Editing audio is easy but takes a lot more time than you would guess (unless you would guess that it takes a lot of time, in which case you are correct). I had some problems recording last week; I don't really know anyt
hing about equipment, so everything so far has been trial and error. I've recorded directly to file with portable recorder, into GarageBand on David's Mac and with Audacity on the PC though several different microphones (even stupidly bought one at Radioshack), all with little success: it sounds like I'm under water no matter what I try. However, I think I've got them to a point that I feel comfortable with, though they are still a work in progress. I was hoping to have everything finished by this weekend, but I need to re-record a few clips. I'm still in pretty good shape: have a group presentation for my other class on Thursday, which I am a little nervous about but feel that we're on our way to doing a good job. The assignment that I was most worried about was posting to the department blog, and I got that out of the way on Friday. You can read it here.

We went for a hike yesterday near Mt. Si with Devin and Catherine. It was nice to get out of town and into the outdoors; plus, Devin and Catherine are fun to hang out with. We couldn't make it to the top of the trail because there is still too much snow (well, technically, we could have, but it didn't seem worth it) but it was still a really fun day. My camera died before we even started the real hike (we had a false start with a lame "nature trail") but I did take a few pictures:

Finally, here's The Cobra with her idol:

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