Monday, February 16, 2009

You know you're cheap when...

... you go on a shopping spree at the half-off sale at Value Village. Still, for $16.50 I picked up a GAP shirt, a Banana Republic cardigan, a vintage dress, a nice pair of J. Crew slacks (brand names included just for emphasis the bargain), a knife for cutting vegetables with ridges instead of straight lines, a couple of golf-themed shot-glasses (to roll up thank-you notes in for when my internship is done), and some ferry greeting cards. I also donated some old clothes so that my closet won't overflow: maintain the balance.

I met my personal hero this afternoon, the owner of and the FAIL blog. I had a job interview as a sales assistant at his company as part of my Unemployment scheme (which I am starting to feel guilty about though I could use the money). The interview went well, but I am definitely not going to get the job. He wants someone who can start immediately, and though it sounds like a fantastic opportunity, I can't end my internship early: they are counting on me to finish the job I signed up for.

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