Saturday, February 7, 2009


I filed for unemployment today. The lady on the phone was very informative and pleasant to speak with, which I was not expecting from a government bureaucrat. She did ask me why I waited so long to file; I told her that my boss had told me that the company was going to send me info, which is kinda true. Basically, I just have to be looking for full-time work and I am paid the equivalent of working a minimum wage job 40 hours a week. No wonder so many people just freeload off the system.

We didn't do much today; we took the bus downtown to see the Science Fiction short film festival at the Cinerama but it was sold out. We did a little shopping at and around Westlake Center, but neither of us bought anything. Wait, that's not true: I bought two golf-ball shaped memo holders for $1.50 each to give to Melinda and Katie at the end of my internship. Then we came home at watched "Monster Camp" and four episodes of "30 Rock:" I am loving that show. "Monster Camp" is a documentary about the Seattle chapter of NERO, the live-action role-playing game. My friend Tanya's freshman roommate was really into that- she had the boffers and costumes and everything.

David worked on his essay and I worked on my portfolio. It's almost done. It was done, but I didn't do it right so I had to start over. We'll finish our work tomorrow, since we don't have any other plans. Well, I plan on getting a chocolate chip bagel at Noah's since they were out this morning and I had to settle for a blueberry bagel: not the same. I'm also dropping off a job application there, since minimum wage in Washington state is higher than I thought and I love the smell of fresh-baked bagels. And I'd like to go to the gym- I'm going to drag David with me.

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