Thursday, December 4, 2008

Busy day

This guy makes me want to be a graphic designer. My Illustrator class was really fun last night and I am so excited to learn more.

I went to an informational session for the program I am applying for at UW. I am really interested, though I am not sure if I am quite ready; it's geared towards professionals who seem to have a solid grasp of where they want to go in their careers. I am still sort of searching, and though I think this will help me find direction, my sense is that they want people who already know. Still, I won't be crushed if I don't get in- I can wait a few more years to figure out my life and then re-apply.

The office move is going well. I had a little bit of frustration this morning with one of the architects over labels for a mailing (she didn't review them until the last minute, which meant I had to scramble to get the postcards out) but people have finally started to do their share of the packing. We took a ton of stuff to the dump, literally: over 2,000 lbs of granite, marble, tile, metal, wood, books, binders, carpet and fabric. It was all high-end, expensive, and lovely, but I am so sick of looking at it that I don't care that it is going to waste. I still can't believe the sheer volume of the materials library: I coordinated with almost 50 vendors to come in and pick up their supplies, we donated carfuls to Bellevue Community College, employees took stuff home for crafts, we did two dump runs last month, and we still threw out thousands of pounds of junk today.

In other good news, Carol is going to leave the title on my new business card blank, which gives me some freedom to move around and grow within the company. She told me yesterday that I am the best receptionist that they've hired, which made me feel somewhat good. She said that her brother-in-law just let go of his, and that she was telling him about me. "I told him that the key is to getting a good receptionist is finding one with a college education!" I don't agree with her there but appreciated the compliment. She thinks it's funny that they found me on Craigslist.

I scheduled a massage for Sunday;
my lower back hurts from being constantly in motion all week, and my mom gave me a gift certificate through Spa Finder last year that is just enough to cover 30 minutes. I've been saving it for a special occasion, and I think this is the one. I am lucky that David always rubs my shoulders and neck, but I am looking forward to just lying down on a warm table with soothing music and having every knot worked out.


Mollye said...

I long for a trip to the spa!!!

Helen said...

I am so excited- Sunday can't come soon enough.