Sunday, October 12, 2008

Fun Weekend

It was a fun weekend. We went to dinner and saw a concert with Chris and Kristen on Friday night. We went to the Elysian Brewery, which I really like, although this experience wasn't great. 1) we had to wait an hour for a table. 2) Kristin's dinner ended up being tiny little crabcake on a big plate with some jicama for $12. 3) I ate my jalepeno garnish and nearly died. The band (the Black Kids) was ok but not worth the cost of admission. Even though everything was pretty mediocre we at least had fun with Chris and Kristin. Kristin is thinking of going to school for graphic design too. She told me about some local and online programs she's been looking into,so I'm feeling optomistic about my future even if I don't get into UW.

We saw the Lucy exhibit at the Pacific Science Center. Much like the Black Kids, it was alright but not worth the price of admission. We pretty much knew everything covered in the exhibit already thanks to David's anthropology class last year, and the actual fossil remains were overlooked thanks too a much more prominant replica nearby. Everyone crowded around the replica instead of the real thing- pretty funny. After, we went to Queen Anne for dinner (there's a nice Thai restaurant that my parents took us to) and board games: the board game store lets you play games for free. We played Balloon Cup, which was simple but fun. The best part: I won! On the way back, I made David stop in Bartell's because they had my favorite tea on sale and I wanted to pick some up, and discovered that they not only sell Almond Milk (my favorite non-dairy milk-like beverage) but that it was also on sale! So, I bought 4 cartons. We came home and started to watch Mirrors but the opening scene was both scary and really gross so we instead watched the Hulk, which was stupid.

We're relaxing today. I went to the farmer's market and made some homemade veggie burgers. I modified the recipe I followed last time, and these turned out better but still have much room for improvement. If I am going to be a veggie burger expert I need to master the basics first.

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