Wednesday, July 16, 2008


I had my best day of work yet: I didn't do anything more interesting than usual, but was consistently busy all day. Carol told me that the nature of reception does not provide for long-term projects, so I'm going to be stuck living day-to-day until I find a better job.

I also made a wonderful discovery on my lunch break; I had intended to spend the entire hour reading, but it turns out I only had a few more pages in my book, so after I finished I wandered over to the coffee shop I passed by earlier in the week: Uptown Espresso. I am in love. It's open and spacious, nicely decorated, comfy chairs, free wi-fi, good music (ELO today), money-saving 8-oz lattes, chocolate chips on the counter, and here's the best part (for me at least): rice milk! I will return tomorrow.

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