Friday, July 25, 2008

I love Seattle, Pt. 2

Today was a good day. David had to work late, so he went in later too. Since I was going by myself, I decided to walk. Seattle in the morning is really pretty.

I am amazed by all the little details- I saw this in the sidewalk on a barely-traveled street corner:
I might have made a new friend this morning, a woman who responded to a Craigslist posting I did yesterday; we're getting rid of our corporate apartment and some of the furniture needs to go. We chatted while she was looking at them, and I helped her get them to the car. She sent me an email afterwards asking if I was interested in happy hour some time since I mentioned I was new to the area and didn't know anyone. I said yes. I liked her.

I also got some sweet free stuff- which is almost always exciting! For one, I called dibs on the apartment's alarm clock, so I picked that up while we were over there. Second, it's Friday, and that means it's Jones day; Jones Soda is across the street and they give away free soda from 3-5 on Friday afternoons, so fyi if you're in the area. Third, I helped our interior designer clean out some wood samples, and I took a few of them to use for my print making. I've been wanting to try woodblock prints for a while.

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