Sunday, July 6, 2008

Crazy 4th of July weekend!

It was supposed to rain on Thursday night, so instead of watching the Whidbey Island fireworks, we saw Wall-E at the AMC downtown (I mention AMC specifically because David had a pass there). Go see it. It's as good as the reviews say it is.

We went to David's folks on the 4th. They throw a nice bbq on their front porch every year, which has a great view of the mainland. Grilling and good times. After, we sat around Dan and Mollye's outdoor fireplace (also a great view of the mainland) and watched the fireworks displays.

We woke up to a tasty pancake breakfast cooked by Mollye, then took the little ones to a park. They soon tired themselves out, so Dan took them for a nap while David, Mollye and I went to the shop to play "Landslide" wit
h David's dad. David won.

The ferry line was really long, so instead we took a different route. It's a very pretty landscape, a nice mix of flat, hilly, and beach. We stopped in Oak Harbor for dinner (tofu enchiladas- yes) and went over Deception pass. We walked on the bridge for about 10 feet so that I could get an idea of how hi
gh it is, then turned around because we're both afraid of heights. We also drove up to the top of Mt. Erie and were rewarded by a picturesque view. Here's a picture David took (pretend it's not sideways):

Chris and Kristin came over with some beers around 11:30, but I was beat and a waste of space.

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Dan said...

So much for the vaunted MAC graphics abilities! LOL.

Thanks for coming over -- we love having our kids visit. Hope you had a good time.