Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Day two

Day two down the drain; I'm starting to suspect that I might be way overqualified for this position, except that it took me about an hour to make labels. I couldn't figure out why the text didn't fit in the right place, despite setting it to the correct template and making sure everything measured out (literally- I borrowed a ruler and took measurements, I pretty desperate not to ask Carol and look like an idiot). A little detective work and BAM: solved it. Turns out, I was doing everything right all along, only the printer was automatically scaling the document to 90%. Ok, that wasn't a very interesting story, but compared to the data entry I did for the rest of the day, that was pretty exciting. Carol says I can bring a radio. Makes me wish I had a radio.

Went to lunch at Whole Foods with Carol, which was nice; Whole Foods is a smorgasborg of over-priced deliciousness. It was really nice to get out of the office, so I'm afraid I will be tempted to eat there a lot. Plus, the multitude of seductive vegetarian offerings is overwhelming. Fortunately, David and I walked to Trader Joe's after work and I was reminded that deliciousness can be inexpensive too.

I used the pedometer they gave me this morning; it was 2,498 steps to my desk, so I stomped a couple of times and made it an even 2500. By walking to work, I'm saving a lot of money; I don't need to buy a bus pass, and I don't feel like I need to join a gym yet.

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