Thursday, June 19, 2008

Day 3

I spent most of the day organizing Sherwin Williams color cards. My neck hurt by the time I was done from leaning over. They have about a million shades of the same colors, all with creative names; since they have thousands of shades of the same colors, they need to distinguish. Not everything can be "blue" or "green." Some of them are basic and make sense, like "avocado" or "light mauve." Others are dumb: "appealing sand." I also did some filing. Filing sucks, but I got to use the label maker. I like label makers! One of my friends in college had one, and we had a lot of fun labeling things. It was trippy though: when I turned it on, my name was in the window. It's alive and it knows me! I guess the last person to use it used the label maker to make a file for me.

We had a potluck to welcome me aboard. People made really good, fairly healthy food. I hated the BAC potlucks because everyone made gross greasy crap, but it's Seattle and people care more about what they put in their bodies here. Plus, one person is allergic to cow's milk so most things were cheeseless. Excellent. We did introductions, and three of the twelve are around my age (which I thought anyhow) so maybe I can make friends. Two are guys and seem kinda immature, and the girl seems nice but ditsy. I'm going to work on befriending her. I chatted a lot with Colleen, who sits near me; she's a typical high-strung interior designer middle-aged woman, but she talks a lot and is nice enough. Her husband played for the Pats in the 70's. I'll have to tell Somaly.

Shane came over for dinner, and Chris came over a little later. We drank beer and played Catan. Chris won. I have yet to win at Catan, and I think I will be really happy when I do.

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