Friday, May 2, 2008

Second to last day

Yesterday was my second to last day of work. Today is my last day, but I'll write about that later. After tying up some loose ends in the morning, I went out to lunch with Len and Cait. We chatted people who used to work in the department (who was an alcoholic, who had an annoying voice, etc.), books, selling stuff on ebay, etc. It was nice to not talk about real work stuff, though that crept in of course.

After, Cait and I went to a Student Support Committee meeting, where we discuss what to do with students who are struggling in the school. During the course of this it came out that the school has been doing something very, very wrong that will affect over 100 students. This is the kind of thing that will involve lawsuits and lawyers. Not pretty.

I went to my exit interview with the HR woman pleased to be leaving this mess. Good news: my health and dental insurance are good until June and I get paid for my unused vacation time. Sweet.

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