Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Penultimate Tuesday

Everyone was sunburned today from watching the Marathon yesterday; people just collectively forgot to wear sunscreen since they haven't had to do so for so long. (I know, you should always wear sunscreen, even in Winter, but who really does) My chili was a success at the potluck, and I even had plenty of time before work to walk to Whole Foods to buy a cake.

Work wasn't very productive; I printed off the results of our Career Fair survey, but might to leave it for other people to analyze because I've pretty muc
h checked out, though I'm trying hard to stay engaged until the very end. I met with a couple of students and started the tedious process of scoring late reports. People know I'm leaving now and are starting to ask me for details, so since the cat's out of the bag I asked the facilities guys for moving boxes. I now have 5 sweet toilet paper boxes sitting in my office.

This means that I have one more Tuesday at the BAC. I've always hated Tuesdays; when I was younger I had cello lessons on Tuesdays, and though I liked playing, I never liked the one-on-one interactions with the crazy Russian
guy or the bitchy woman I had for teachers. Now, Tuesdays mean shifting my usual 9-5 to 11:30-7:30. While it's nice to have one morning free for appointments, going to the bank, post office, etc, I don't like being the last one in the office.

Penultimate is a good word; I don't really know where I picked it up but I like to drop it to make myself sounds smart. This is my penultimate week of work. Today was my penultimate Tuesday. Tomorrow will be my penultimate Wednesday. Sweet.

On a different note, I made a new discovery today: rice ice cream. A couple of my coworkers are lactose intolerant, and one can't eat gluten, so I picked up a carton of that for them when I bought the cake. It was sweet and creamy, without being too creamy; it reminds me of frozen yogurt without the tang. Delicious.

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