Friday, April 10, 2009

Recent Stuff

The odds of me ever playing my cello again have become drastically reduced. I was in a rare musical spirit this afternoon and decided to tune up the old girl. While tightening my stubborn C-string, I heard a crunch and the string popped up. It didn't seem possible that I had broken the string, because C-strings are about as thick as a rat's tail and I have never met a cellist who actually broke one just through tuning. Sure enough, I looked down and noticed I had instead snapped the bridge in half. Whoops. I have also never heard of that happening! I went to the local violin maker and he said that a new bridge would cost $175; David said that wood glue only costs $1. I think that's what I'm going to go with if I ever hope to play again.

This past week has been great; I read, worked on projects for school, went to classes, and blogged. I wasn't working but I was really busy the whole time. I am getting really excited about my classes. Last night, the CEO of the Seattle Habitat for Humanity chapter pitched us a problem, and we need to turn in a proposal by next week's class. I woke up this morning and just wanted to work on it; I don't think a school assignment has ever interested me so much. I actually want to learn more.

Ooh, gross story: we got a sample of all-natural food at the Green Festival and fed it to the Cobra this week. She's really picky about what she eats, so I was surprised when she liked this stuff. It, however, didn't like her. She had some digestive issues that required serious treatment: a bath and manual feline fur scat extraction. It was probably the grossest thing I've ever done. Granted, I've never changed a diaper, but babies don't have hair on their butts either. Wet cats are funny though, so it was worth it.

Also, go see Monsters vs. Aliens! We saw it 3-D at the IMAX and it was awesome! I love Pixar. Also, I wrote my best beer blog yet: I am just really excited about the internet right now.

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Mollye said...

I do not miss washing my cats. She looks pretty relaxed in one of those pictures, maybe she was just making herself really small to try and sneak away.