Thursday, March 5, 2009


I cannot wait for Hawaii: sunshine, palm trees, and (now that my dad can drink again) mai-tai's. I really need this vacation. Wait a minute, you might say, you don't have kids or a real job, why do you deserve to "need" a vacation? Good question. For one, I am looking forward to seeing my family: we haven't all been together for a year and I miss them. Second, the golf shows of the past few weeks took a toll on me, so I need a bit of time to recouperate. Third, which Pacific Northwesterner couldn't use a bit of sun? Finally, I need to gear up for the intense job search that will commence upon my return. I'm really excited: my suitcase has been packed for days.

Melinda and I went down to Kent this morning to inventory some stuff for our next big event. She picked me up at the Bellevue Park and Ride and we drove down. As far as I can tell, Kent is pretty much just warehouses and fast-food chains. We went to two of these warehouses; the first was entirely filled with cases of wine. Imagine, a football field-sized area with boxes stacked 15 feet high with alcohol. Kinda made me want to indulge in some vino. The second warehouse was only half full. Both were freaking cold: I'm still warming up. Since most of the office was at one of the three events that are going on this weekend, the atmosphere was strangely quiet, so I am glad we were gone half of the day. Plus, my impending vacation made it difficult to concentrate.

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Mollye said...

You guys are going to have a great time! Enjoy your family. I haven't seen my brother since June and I miss him and his wife lots.