Tuesday, February 24, 2009


I didn't get in to the graphic design program at Seattle Central- by a long shot. I am humbled; I thought that since it is a community college I would certainly be accepted, but the program itself is very selective and they were not impressed by my work. Out of a scale of 20 possible points, with 12 being the minimum, I got a 7. I could work on the portfolio again and try to improve my weak areas, but I am just going to let it be. While I would greatly like to learn graphic design, I am at the same time relieved: I can focus on my graduate studies next year.

This does mean though that I will absolutely need to find a job, which I am not thrilled about, but I am viewing it as an interesting challenge. My goal is to target firms I want to work for and write them letters. Ok, I know that this is nothing new or innovative, but in the past I have always just passively scanned Craigslist, so being pro-active is exciting. I'm going to create a website with my resume, writing samples, recommendations, etc. and include its URL in my cover letters. Again, nothing groundbreaking but I finished my Dreamweaver class last week and am excited to give it a go.

The coming of Lent doesn't mean anything to me, but it's always fun to celebrate Mardi Gras. Since today is Fat Tuesday, I madeg gumbo and banana bread, since we had some bananas that were past their prime. I wanted to put something in the banana bread for luck the way they do in New Orleans (I think it's usually a little baby doll) but couldn't find anything suitable so it's just banana bread. Bad story. I had never made gumbo before, and it's not something I would eat (pretty much just sausage and gravy) but it was fun and relitively easy to make. I was a little intimidated by the roux (the recipe made it sound tricky) but it wasn't hard, just a lot of stirring. David seemed to like it, and even though I halved the recipe, it will feed him for a few days.

A shuttle is picking me up at 5 am tomorrow to take me to the airport, where I will meet up with Melinda before flying to Long Beach until Monday. I took a few pictures of The Cobra with my phone to show to her in case I need to make conversation: she loves her cats. I am pretty excited; this show is going to be different from Portland because there is no Clearance Center, the consignment area that took a lot of my time and effort. This also means that we have 5 people instead of 9, so it's going to be a different dynamic. Laura, the other intern (and our neighbor), is coming too so this is a good chance to get to know her, since we will be roommates. I will be working at interactive events the entire time the show is in session, which will mean more interaction with people but also a lot of standing up, few bathroom breaks, and little opportunity for snacking. I'm looking forward to being in California again, even if it is just Southern California.

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