Thursday, January 29, 2009

Greenpeace makes me want to club a baby seal

I'm pretty environmentally-conscious, but I hate Greenpeace. There shouldn't even be a "but" in there: I'm environmentally-conscious AND I hate Greenpeace. One of their representatives asked me at the bus stop today, "want to help save some trees?" What does it look like I'm doing: I'm riding the freakin' bus instead of driving! Another asked me once, "want to stop global warming?" while I was locking up my bike. Again, what does it look like I am doing? The above image (ok, I added the red part) was on the New York Times' "Day in Pictures" this afternoon; it's Russian police arresting a Greenpeace activist. Angering the government is not the way to make a difference, Greenpeace! Especially not in a country like Russia, where the government still has so much sway. To really change things, you need to convince the people to change, not irritate them. Anger create backlash, which is not productive. This is why I will never give a cent to one of the overly-eager Greenpeace salespeople, who I am pretty sure earn commission by signing you up. The best way to stop global warming is to proactively make a difference in your own life, not donate to an organization who will probably spend your money to bail their activists out of jail.

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Bird of Paradise said...

Stupid and annoyiing thats what these Greenpeace idiots are just looking to get the news reptiles to pay attention to them and the usial hollywood idiots and suckers to donate to them their nothing but modern day luddies who wont be happpy until the whole world is reduced to a primative state GREENPEACE GO AWAY