Monday, December 22, 2008

Weird Day

Today was almost surreal. For one, half of the office was absent because of the snow, including the bosses, and those of us who were in had nothing to do. I worked on my grad school essay while the boys goofed off. Second, I kept getting calls from people looking for Virginia Mason hospital. I asked the third caller what number they were trying to reach (which didn't resemble our number at all), then dialed it; the call came through to my console. I contacted Virginia Mason, but they had no record of the number in question. Third, at around 11:30, a transformer blew and the power went out. With no heat or electricity, we couldn't even pretend to work. Once the city determined that we wouldn't have power for the rest of the day, we left. The outage proved to be a deus ex machina, an improbable event that allowed me to finish my Christmas cards. Every relative that my mom likes will be getting a handmade card from me; I like or am indifferent to all of my relatives, but I got the address list from my mom and there are a few she does not care to stay in touch with. Thus, my cousin Josh and his wife (who I have never met) will get a card, but his mother will not because my mom is not fond of her youngest sibling.

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