Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Holter Monitor, day 2

Day 2 hooked up to the box went well. Instead of taking a shower, I was able to get 10 extra minutes of shut-eye (hey, every minute counts)! I camoflaged it well with a long, high-necked shirt and a big necklace (points to the robot and bright colors suggestions, I admire your creativity), and nobody let on that they noticed. One guy did ask me quietly if I was ok to walk the two blocks to Fed-Ex after giving me something to ship. I told him I was fine. I'm always fine when it comes to getting out.


Dan said...

You know, they're probably feeling pretty ambivalent about hiring you at this point. You're obviously way over-qualified and bored, and now you're getting carted off by ambulance and undergoing medical tests.

Not to worry you, but -- how's the job search going?

Helen said...

Slowly but surely! I'm only applying to jobs that look really interesting. Before the move I was so panicked about survival that I applied to anything I thought I could do, hence the current situation. I'm being a little pickier this time around. Have you found anything good lately?