Tuesday, June 3, 2008


David and I stayed over in Seattle at Chris and Kristin's new apartment last night; we went out to dinner with them (pho) too. Both of us forgot our toothbrushes.

This morning, we woke up early to get a tour of our loft from Brian, the property manager; we also cut him a check for the remainder of the security deposit. I'm really pleased with the apartment; the location is great, and the two-floor layout works well. The only part I didn't like were the kitchen appliances, and they are going to be replaced anyhow over the next couple of weeks.

After that (plus some waiting in the car), I had my job interview with the architectural firm I mentioned earlier. I called yesterday, and the woman was able to schedule me for this morning. I think it went pretty well; she asked for my references, and has already given Len a call. I liked the office and think I would fit in, so if they offer me the job I will probably accept, unless the pay is lousy.

We came back to Clinton exhausted, so we took a nap then went shopping for furnishings. I bought a sweet eagle lamp at a thrift store.

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