Friday, June 27, 2008

Finally Friday

I organized drawings of floorplans for Whole Foods Markets throughout the Pacific Northwest all day. By 4:54 (when I left), I really wanted some overpriced, organic, non-GMO, preservative-free soy products, but I resisted the temptation to stop in on my way home. Instead, I talked on the phone with Jessica. She is doing well.

We ate dinner at Taco Guaymas with Chris. I had the "Guaymas veggie." Five words: best burrito of my life. No exaggeration. Well, maybe a little, but it was really good. Unfortunately, David didn't really like his meal, so I may have a hard time convincing him to return. We went to a couple of bars after eating; Casey joined. Both places had good and bad aspects. The first had a lot of good beers for a decent price but no food or music. The second had free peanuts and a decent-looking menu (hipster bar= lots of vegetarian options). If you combined their strengths, they would be a superbar: artisan beer and free snacks. I'll take my brother to the first one: he likes to drink but doesn't like to eat. I'll probably take Jessica there too.

Then we played Scrabble. I like scrabble. So do Chris and Casey. They beat me. I beat David though, but only because he makes up words.

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David said...

Prizely, as in "The winners reward was very prizely."