Sunday, June 15, 2008

California, etc.

A brief synopsis of our trip to California:

Day one: caught the 7 am ferry and arrived at the airport early (but beat the traffic). Dad picked us up at the airport and drove us home. Mom was a little excited and prepared lots of food. Talked, showed David the house. Went to Mexican food for dinner and watched "Semi-Pro."

Day two: biked with Dad to the bank to figure out some stuff. David and I biked over the the Stanford art museum and I showed him the campus. We got Jamba Juice too. Biked home. Went to dinner at Fresh Choice. Pros: all you can eat salad and soup. Cons: lots of screaming children. After, met the Feinsteins at Dairy Queen. Watched "Lost in Beijing." Pros: good movie. Cons: graphic sex scenes + parents + boyfriend= bad.

Day three: San Francisco. David and I took the train up and arrived around noon. Proceeded to walk to the bay and around the piers. Overpriced gourmet Mexican food for lunch. (to clarify: the price wasn't too bad, but the portions were small). Went to the Musee Mechanique and played with the games using the quarters Dad gave us for the bus. Walked some more. Italian for dinner- lessons learned: 1) always ask three basic questions: is it cheesy? creamy? oily? 2) if they offer you a replacement meal, take it.

Day 4: Great America. Rollercoasters + soft pretzels = sweet.

Day 5: Brunch at Hobee's (a favorite local chain), followed by flea market. Mom went crazy with the sandwich making: wouldn't want her baby to starve while waiting for the plane. Said goodbye to parents and California.

Good times.

Today we moved our stuff in to our apartment. The blinds aren't hung, the toilet is broken, and there are a few other things wrong that will get fixed tomorrow, so we are spending our last night on Whidbey Island. David has an interview at 9 tomorrow morning, so let's wish him luck.

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