Sunday, May 18, 2008


Channel 10 is showing "Jackie Brown" right now- awesome! I love that movie. I'm not really a huge Tarantino fan. I mean, "Pulp Fiction" was good, "Kill Bill" was ok but overrated, I didn't like "Reservoir Dogs" all that much and I haven't really had any desire to see anything else. The difference with this one is Jackie: she makes the picture work. Jackie is a strong female lead; most movie heroines are either damsels in distress or just men wearing bras. Take Lara Croft: she's a woman, but her behavior is stereotypically masculine. On the other hand, Jackie can defend herself without any violence.

Last night was fun: dinner with Diane followed by a party at Sarah's old place. I really like Diane and Sarah, and I finally got to meet both of their boyfriends. Diane's is leaving town for grad school, hence the good-bye dinner, and Sarah is moving in with hers, hence the good-bye party. The one bad thing about the evening actually a good thing: I met some nice people that I won't ever see again. It was great practice though: both of my friends were the only people I knew at their respective gatherings, and I was forced to talk to new people. I'll be meeting a whole new group of folks in Seattle, and I know I can make friends.

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