Thursday, May 29, 2008

Boston drivers

"In what can only be classified as an alarming development," it turns out that driving in Boston really does suck: a national study proved it. According to yesterday's Metro, Massachusetts drivers rank 48th in the nation for bad driving, with only New York, New Jersey, and DC below them. Plus, even the T-drivers can't drive; last night, one trolley rear-ended another on the D line, killing the driver and sending dozens to the hospital. And people wonder why it costs so much to own a car in this state. Sorry, in this Commonwealth. Don't even get me started on how much it bothers me that Mass. insists on calling itself The Commonwealth of Massachusetts. You're a state! You're not even a very big one! Accept it!

In other news, David and I are halfway through painting his room. We've put the primer on, and are now waiting for it to dry before adding the real paint. We shipped off and donated the rest of our stuff, and the apartment is looking sad and empty.

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