Sunday, April 13, 2008

Spring Cleaning

I'm cleaning out my room and starting to pack things up. I've tossed/donated a lot more stuff- it gets easier the more you do it. Unfortunately, the beautiful weather yesterday encouraged me to go on a post-gym shopping spree (my gym is on Newbury street), but I like what I bought, which will encourage me to dispose of some of the stuff I don't like but was holding on to for lack of wearable alternatives.

Friday was an example of why I can't wait to quit. Though it was my day off, Erik called me at 9 am about our work study student's paycheck, which wasn't cut. I'll spare you the boring details, but basically it was just a chain of incompetency that could have easily been stopped early on. I had been looking forward to a leisurely day of roommate-less time in my apartment, but instead I rushed home from David's, put in my contacts and showered quickly, and wolfed down breakfast on the T just get a quilt trip on something I've messed up a few times because no one has ever told me how to do it. It was also a minor mistake that from my end was not obvious and could have been caught if the person on the other side was doing their job.
I don't know why but the whole thing really, really upset me and I left the office very shaken-up.

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