Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Saying goodbye

Len has been pressuring me to tell Cait and Erik that I am leaving, which I really do need to do but am just afraid; we've been so busy that I don't want to drop a bombshell like this on them until after the Faculty meeting tonight (my last one!) I'm going to miss them both a lot, but I don't like drama and want it to be lighthearted. My thought now is to send them an email with a list of Seattle people and include my name in this. "What do Fraiser Crane, Tom Hanks, Ichiro Suzuki, Kurt Cobain, and I all have in common?" then have them scroll down the page to a picture of the Space Needle, saying "come talk to me." Then I'll tell them. Maybe take them out to coffee? JP Licks? Martinis?

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