Sunday, April 6, 2008

Done (almost)

Yesterday's career fair was a great success; 130 students showed up, plus representatives from 11 firms. People lined up at the door well before 10, and the last one left at 3:30, 2 1/2 hours after it was scheduled to finish. Everyone had good things to say about the event: the firms, the students, BAC staff; even the president showed up to see what it was about and seemed pleased. Not to brag or anything, but I feel like this was a big accomplishment for both the school and myself. I put a lot of time into getting it together, and am glad to leave on a high note.

I didn't get a chance to give Len my letter on Friday because he went home before I did, and I didn't want to leave it for him to find before the career fair, when he was already stressed and in a bad mood. He left again before I did yesterday, so I left my letter on his desk for him to find tomorrow.

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